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Digitalization creates many opportunities for brands, but also some challenges. SinnerSchrader Swipe can provide an effective solution to at least one of them: a simple, efficient and at the same time exclusive way of dealing with content. Be it on desktop, tablet, mobile or smartwatch, iOS or Android:

Swipe Universal Publishing - SwipeUp® for short - is the publishing solution which customizes your digital content for any platform. Enter your content into the system once, and get uncompromising quality direct to each and every type of screen. Find out more about the technology, and the process that utilizes your full potential. For your content - and your brand.


A solution for any type of content







SwipeUp® begins with collaboration: a customized consulting and design process.

SwipeUp® is a publishing solution optimized for your needs: easy to use, modular, responsive, native, high-performance and future-proof.

SwipeUp® is a convincing solution. Once we’ve answered all your questions, we’re confident you’ll feel that way too. Please don’t hesitate to ask us directly.

Case studies

Already a convincing solution

Concept and Design

The customized process

Analysis of the status quo

Firstly, your content is analysed:
How is the content structured? It may need to be adapted to the requirements of the digital format. This is how we lay the foundations for the conceptual design.

User Experience
For your users, relevance is defined by content, and how it is experienced. That makes it worth investing a great deal of care and effort into animations and transitions, in order to create a unique experience.
Information Architecture
Intelligent information architecture is crucial to creating an application which is fun to use. It can also make complex content much easier to grasp.
For the design we work in close consultation with you - and we are always ready to start from a blank slate. Typography, colours and imagery are built up with passionate attention to detail and to implementation.
We are always on the lookout for new technologies and approaches which we can use to create something unique. And if the solution to a particular problem does not exist, we invent it.

Content Toolkit

This process results in a collection of modules optimized for your content. They are flexible to use and can be freely combined with each other.

Advice and Support

Cooperative and professional

We can help you with more than just developing the right solutions - we can actually help you define the problem. From the beginning right through to the end of the project.
Creative Support
In projects where the creative development is wholly or partly from another source, we are happy to act as a sounding board to help evaluate externally developed approaches - or to develop them further in workshops with you.
Marketing and Sales
We can take your content all the way from an original concept right through to sales and marketing.

Technology and Back End

Control at your fingertips

  1. All channels can be controlled via the back end.
  2. Based on a leading CMS, easy to use and adaptable to your needs.
  3. Your data only needs to be entered once, after that the content can be automatically adapted as required.
  4. Content and designs can be published without updating the app or the back end.
  5. Different country or market versions are easy to adapt.
  6. The technology is constantly evolving, and you get the benefit of these updates automatically.
  7. You are choosing a technology which is superior, and will remain so.

Modular architecture

More than the sum of its parts

SwipeUp® works with flexible, customized modules instead of static templates, which would not be adaptable and would therefore only provide a temporary solution.

Completely independent of context, each module is responsive in itself.

The design is independent of the technology and above all completely flexible.

With the defined modules the article combinations can be set as required, and updated within the applications independent of the app stores.

Devices are grouped into classes, each of which receives the optimum amount of data. The result: perfect output quality.


Effortless cross-platform deployment

Front End
Supported platforms
Back End
The SwipeUp® back end can be extended as required and is able to interface with all existing systems.

Native Programming

Utilizing the full potential

Applications are written directly for the relevant operating system. This ensures that all hardware interfaces work consistently and the device's resources are optimally used.

Rich Media
Evocative and contemporary presentation with large images, video, animation and interaction.
Faster loading times: the display is optimized for any device.
Look and Feel
The highest level of interactivity and quality is possible.
Device Features
The technical capabilities of mobile devices (gyroscope, camera, compass, etc.) can be fully exploited.
User Experience
The full potential of the device can be exploited in terms of usability, animations, etc.
Native Text
The system does not use webviews. This saves memory and processing power, which can be used elsewhere.
New features of the operating systems can be integrated quickly.
Dynamic Fonts
Fonts can be inserted within the app without needing to update the app itself.


Every feature a highlight

Responsive Images and Videos
The optimal amount of data is transmitted, ensuring perfect quality.
Compression and Optimization
Automatic adjustment for different devices.
Focal Points
The focal point can be freely defined and will remain as the focus of the image through all screen resolutions.
Applications will be delivered optimized for Retina screens.
Performance Optimization
Performance is optimized according to the mobile network, for example by Lazy Loading.
Multiple language and market variations are possible and can easily be enabled or disabled as needed.
User Analytics
SwipeUp® already supports various tracking tools (Google Analytics, flurry, Rocket Fuel etc.). Others can easily be integrated. The system is continuously optimized using these analytics.
SwipeUp® is an open system, almost any connections are possible.
Server Structure
Hosting can be provided by SinnerSchrader Swipe, a third party or the customer.
Shop Integration
E-commerce solutions can be integrated – for example by connecting to existing shop systems.
CRM solutions
Linking up with existing CRM solutions is possible. Contacts can be saved using Salesforce, just as newsletter subscriptions can be forwarded to a service provider. Calls to action are possible in any form.
Ads and Advertising
Advertising SDKs can be integrated and HTML advertising is possible. Innovative, native forms of advertising can also be integrated and offered to advertisers
Wearables and Smartwatches
SwipeUp® is sustainable: the expansion of the system to smartwatches and other wearables is technically easy to achieve.
Social media integration
Any social community can be integrated, although we only recommend connecting with the most popular. Depending on the localization, different services can be displayed.


At a glance

Native apps without webviews

Dynamic, responsive, native

Easy localization

Fewer updates


Constantly evolving

Modular architecture

Positioning of HTML content

In Comparison

UP ®
User experience
Integration of interfaces
Language adaptions
Updating without app updates
100% native iOS and Android apps
Medium-specific individuality
Design maintenance required
Medium-specific features

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